• sketch
  • portrait
  • oil painting
  • acrylic
  • charcoal


Portrait Artist Near Me – Before making a colour pencil sketch, we take a cartridge paper, after putting the cartridge paper on the board, we want the pencil of the HB to be used for drawing rough, after drawing rough, we need a brown colour pencil You’ll be doing a little bit of detail with a brown colour pencil, after doing a little bit of detailing, we will see that our drawing has been slightly correct, i.e. what we wanted. Is it right or do not you think that our size is what we are making, then we will do a little more detail like hair, eyes, nose, lips and when it becomes a, then we will start filling it with colour pencil. What we mean by drawing a ruff, we will start colouring from the colour pencil.

Sketch Artist Near Me -For the colour pencil, we will use Staedtler Luna Colored Pencil Set-colored pencil sketch because this company is very good in the world. It is a company, its colour very contrasts brightness, we do not have to work harder due to colour, because it is a very good colour, especially skin colour, skin colour tone only makes Staedtler company in the world, the rest and companies also make But the tones of their colours are not as good as the Staedtler Luna Colored Pencil Set. I have been using Staedtler Luna Colored Pencil Set from the beginning. It has been 15 years since I’ve never used any problem while using it, I suggest to every artist that they should use the same colour as this colour You get the effect of oil painting, and for a long time the colour does not glow brightness remains intact for many years and the customer is also highly satisfied. Hope you like my talks. thank you