• sketch
  • portrait
  • oil painting
  • acrylic
  • charcoal


The acrylic colour painting has to face a lot of difficulties because acrylic colour gets dry very quickly when we make – oil colour painting, we get very much time to mix the colour but in acrylic colour, The problem is that we can not mix it because the acrylic colour is dried up very quickly. To use acrylic colour,

Portrait Artist Near Me- I have to use oil, in oil colour painting, we mix oil, which is called seed oil, the effect of acrylic colour is completely reversed in it, many strokes of diarrhoea appear in it, which give an artistic look in appearance, acrylic colour is very It quickly gets dried up, its effect is also very good, but one problem comes in it that it gets very quickly, there is no such glow in it. When stretched the oil colour is a painting that you make painting portraits quickly and you want it to be dried quickly using acrylic colour painting is created that is acrylic colour painting

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