Pencil shedding is a very exciting art. While doing pencil shading we do not pay attention to how much or how much pressure is on our hands, due to which there is a difference in pencil shading. The more we press the pencil, the deeper the color of the pencil means that Dark tone comes and as much as we keep the pencil light, the tone of the pencil becomes light, which is called light tone. The same two tones together form the portrait sketch. In effect pencils we use 2b, 4b, 6b, but friends, I am going to tell you a pencil name that from staedtler pencils you can extract the tones of 2b, 6b 6 and 8b depending on your practice. How much pressure do you remove which tone, On the face you can remove the tone according to the light dark tone by pressing the pencil or keeping it light and you can also use pencil shading in the hair so that your portrait hair looks good, then tell us how you felt about this portrait pencil shading. Thank you