Hello friends my name is Rajesh Kumar and I am a Professional Sketch Portrait Artist friends. I have done a seo in my website Sketchartist.in – Sketch Artist in Dubai – and – Pencil Sketch in Dubai – and I am Portrait Artist in Dubai. I am also doing seo which is used to search for Artis in Google in Saudi Arabia. I am very thankful to Saudi Arabia who gave me The interview was taken at Maurya Hotel in Delhi city of India. It was 2017 when I was interviewed at Delhi Maurya Hotel in India. This interview was in Saudi Arabia UAE TV Telecast. In this interview, I learned about my experience and my art. I had explained in detail and I like the UAE very much, so I have sketchartist in addition to my website portraitsmaker.com. The online has been made to seo in Saudi Arabia, so that I will make portraits for the customers of Saudi Arabia and UAE. Thank you